Cover for The Marriage Mender


The_Marriage_Mender Cover


So, here it is, the cover for my new novel The Marriage Mender, which will be published by Quercus on August 28.

We’ve gone for a different look from the previous jackets, something maybe a bit more grown-up and sophisticated for what is my most serious book yet (still with a dose of humour thrown in though!).

We wanted to try to convey a modern story of a marriage thrown into crisis by the arrival of someone from the past. Alison, who is a relationship counsellor, thinks she can handle the arrival of husband Chris’s ex Lydia. But there are secrets in the past and lot of things which have gone unsaid. Things which, when they are said, threaten to destroy their relationship and their happy family life.

Anyway, would love to know what you think of the cover and I’ll be providing a lot more info about the new book in the run up to publication.