One Moment

A moving story about two strangers who change each other’s lives, from the million-copy bestselling author Linda Green

Finn and Kaz are about to meet for the first time…

Ten-year-old Finn, a quirky, sensitive boy who talks a lot and only eats at cafes with a 5-star hygiene rating, is having a tough time at school and home.

Outspoken Kaz, 59, who has an acerbic sense of humour and a heart of gold, is working at the café when Finn and his mum come in.

They don’t know it yet, but the second time they meet will be a moment which changes both of their lives forever . . .


‘WOW! I’ve read hundreds of books and never has one touched me like this one has.’

‘Oh how I loved this book. It had me in the depths of sadness and the heights of joy. Beautifully written. This is one story that will stay with me.’

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‘I spent the last half of the book in tears; the author writes her characters’ feelings and emotions so well.’

‘This book is just beautiful. I loved every page. I’d go as far as to say, one of the best books I’ve ever read.’

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‘I’ve just finished One Moment, and I feel like I’ve experienced something very special. Linda Green has woven an incredibly compelling and timely story which made me laugh, cry, fume with anger and nod in agreement so many times. By the end, I was in pieces.’

‘A wonderfully written book which is heartbreakingly sad but uplifting at the same time.’

‘Buy this book because it is one of the most uplifting yet heart-breaking novels you will ever read.’

‘The tears are running down my face having just finished this book in less than 24 hrs.’

‘Having read all of Linda Green’s books so far, and loved them all, I expected to enjoy this. What I hadn’t expected was to be so completely drawn in by the characters, and the amazing story that even some days after finishing it, it would still stick with me so much I didn’t actually want to pick up my kindle and read anything else.’

‘The quality of writing is honestly mind blowing.’

‘An amazing book that really pulls at the heart strings.’