Supporting Independent Booksellers – not taking the easy option

My website has gone Amazon free. It isn’t a boycott and I’m not asking people to avoid buying my books (or anyone else’s) from Amazon. But the thing is, if you want to buy a book from Amazon you know where to find them.

It’s easy to put a link to Amazon on an author website. It’s easy for readers to click on the link and buy a book. But it’s also all too easy to forget that there are independent booksellers out there struggling to make a living and wonderful chains of bricks and mortar bookshops where you can go and browse and discover a book you might never have come across otherwise.

And if we keep doing the easy thing, there might come a time when that is no longer possible. When all the specialist knowledge and absolute passion for books in that beautiful independent bookshop in your town may no longer be available. Or when I won’t be able to take my 9-year-old to Waterstones for the afternoon and let him lose himself in a world of books.

I don’t want to live in that world, which is why I’ve decided to take the ‘easy’ Amazon buttons off my website. If you want to buy my books from there, that’s fine, you know where to find them.

Instead I’ve put on a button for The Hive a wonderful website where you can buy books and have them delivered to your local independent bookshop or straight to your house. And either way, your purchase will support independent booksellers.

And a button for Waterstones, who will again deliver the book to your door, if you don’t want to go in and sit in their cafe with a hot chocolate and good book you’ve just bought, that is.

And in Independent Booksellers Week, I’m very proud to be promoting places where books really matter on my website.

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