The Last Thing She Told Me


The Last Thing She Told Me tells the story of four generations of women from the same family who are linked by secrets and shame from the past. Moments before she dies, Nicola’s grandmother Betty tells her that there are babies at the bottom of the garden. Nicola thinks she must have been talking about her fairy statues but on the day of the funeral, Nicola’s daughter makes a discovery which suggests something sinister has taken place. Nicola calls the police but will unearthing painful secrets end up tearing her family apart?

It was something which my nan said, shortly before she died a couple of years ago, which made me think about the secrets people take to their graves. Particularly women, who for so long have born the shame which society has dealt them for their supposed ‘transgressions’ from what it deemed to be acceptable or simply for the workings of their own bodies. On so many occasions, when I told people what my next novel was about, they responded with stories about women in their own family who had harboured painful secrets for many years for fear of how they would be judged.

Over time, the things for which women have been made to feel shame for may have changed but the one constant thing is that it is women who have been made to feel responsible for everything which have happened to them, even when criminal acts have been involved.

My hope in writing this novel is to spark conversations which encourage more women to share their secrets without fear of being judged and to inspire the next generation to ensure that women are freed from the shackles of shame to live their lives without judgement.

I’ll be making donations from the royalties of this book to Rape Crisis and the NSPCC to help them continue the amazing work they do supporting women and children who have suffered rape or sexual abuse. If you’re able to make a donation too, however small, I’d be hugely grateful. Thank you.



‘So sad, so beautiful’

‘Green’s execution is perfect’

‘Engaging and emotionally charged’

‘A beautiful read that had me hooked’

‘Sensitively and beautifully written’

‘A gripping, beautifully written tale’

‘One of my best books of 2018’